Our emphasis is on helping refugees make the most of the educational resources available to them. We provide academic support to various age groups, coordinating with community schools to give students the help they need. And we provide young people with opportunities to explore the fun things they can do in San Diego, even including a week at summer camp!

After School Tutoring

RefugeeNet has provided tutoring for decades, with committed leadership and experienced tutors to work with elementary, middle, and high school students. Our emphasis is on homework help and remedial support for children who have fallen behind academically. Many school-age children arrive in our community with little formal education in their own language or English. Help with language, academic subjects, and life skills is needed to help them make the most of their school years.


Extracurricular Activities

We collaborate with other agencies like Camp Stevens and the Prevent Drowning Foundation to provide experiences that go beyond the classroom. Music and other arts programs are also available. Participation in these activities adds a crucial dimension to a child’s education, and it is fun for everyone involved.


We work with preschool children in a variety of settings to give them exposure to spoken English and early learning concepts. Adult and high school volunteers play games, lead activities, and read to kids in order to help them enter kindergarten better prepared.

Most young children of refugee families have little exposure to spoken or written English. Their parents and older siblings may not have the time or cultural background to help them in their critical early years.

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College Prep and Mentoring

Many of our volunteers are experienced in helping with  preparing and applying for college. We help with high school completion and consideration of post-high school academics and training, with help from other community organizations. Children who are able to make the transition to college may receive ongoing mentoring and support.

Often the first in their families to attend college, many high school graduates need assistance with the major step to an environment so different from their early lives.