A vital element of the work of The Episcopal Refugee Network is the devoted service of many volunteers. More than 50 volunteers work in the two tutoring programs where students learn individually and in small groups. The children differ widely in their reading level and ages and we have found that they need small group attention. Volunteers also help drive to and chaperone non-academic activities such as music and swimming programs, and bowling and kayaking trips.

New arrivals are generally placed in grades that are based on age rather than English language skills and mastery of the subject matter. Teachers don’t have the time or resources to deal with the multiple languages and skill levels that students bring into the classroom. As a result, students often cannot understand the teacher, the course material, or the homework assignments.

Our after school tutoring focuses on helping with homework and providing remedial support to kids who need it. Without tutoring, more children would give up, skip class, and drop out.

Our extracurricular programs provide great benefit as well. We encourage the kids to join us in activities that would not otherwise be available to them. They learn more about their community and the amazing options open to them as they grow up.

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